Saturday, 14 April 2007

Aisya: I, Reply...

Photo from The Star

When I first saw Melayu Jati’s message, it slapped me across the face,
I wondered if he was stupid to still be talking about race,
But then I saw he thought me stealing from Aisya, of all deeds done,
Disembowel him I would, if I had butcher-knife, stake and gun.

Really, hello, have you actually been following the story?
How to steal money when I’ve not touched or smelled any,
As for diapers, milk and nestum, I’m sure you all agree,
Why would I want that, unless Duh! I have a baby.

I could have come here to swear and spit and curse,
But why should I sink so low, for I’ll be none the worse,
MJ, in case you haven’t heard, we live in the Land-of-Boleh,
Frogs like you (into your tempurung!), are just not worth our day!


Dear all,

The donations today stand at RM 14, 450 and I am pleased to inform you all that we have pledges of a year’s supply of nestum, milk, diapers, and glucose. This is of course in addition to pledges from two sponsors to pay for Aisya’s suction machine…

I think it is time everyone hears my side of the story too:-

I know many are thinking that I am merajuk-ing which is why I am backing out, but I want you all to understand that I think I need to draw a line too.

Melayu Jati’s (Oh, MJ will do) message was not the first. I have received a few emails from people of various races (yes, “my” own people too) questioning my intentions, but from very wise advise from MarinaM, I ignored them.

MJ however, I believe, has gone a little too far. And I think there comes a time
when I need to put my foot down too.The power of suggestion is unfortunately, a very strong tool. If there are people going around saying things like what MJ has said, sooner or later, seeds of suspicion will begin to flourish.

And I refuse to let that happen. I refuse for something which is inherently, a selfless act of the community, to be turned into a lame excuse for a spit-fire. I refuse to let this campaign be tarnished by evil and snide comments.

I am not asking for people to worship the ground I walk on, but yes, I do
ask those with nothing constructive or helpful, to please shut up, lock the mouth, and throw away the key.


When we started, quite a few readers suggested we go to the press. The reason why I was adamant not to (and Kak Pi and MarinaM agree) was because I felt that:-

1) The family is not in need of money for something desperate like an impending do-or-die surgery for Aisya. We are merely helping them back on their feet, and in the course of it, let them know that we have not forgotten them.

2) Aisya is desperately terrified of strangers, and by highlighting her story in the press, we are opening doors for politicians/corporate organizations/members of the public to bunny-hop to her home, complete with curious by-standers and story-hungry press.

3) We should strive to protect the pride of the family, and of Aisya. Curiousity is something which rides the pinnacle in society today, and with Aisya’s very rare condition, people will be prone to go ogle her like some exhibition, and I was adamant about not opening doors for people to do so.


To be completely honest, I never, in my wildest dreams, expected that bloggers and their readers would be so receptive, and so generous, in so short a time. That I believe, is a landmark for all of us today, because it shows that while there are people like MJ, there are a lot of us who are not like that.

I think we have done a lot together, and this is one milestone (small, yes, but substantial) for our Golden Jubilee celebration. There are many Aisya’s in today’s society, and I am proud to know that we all stood up for one. After all, the best societies are the caring ones, no?

I’ll update all of you about Aisya in a year’s time, or if needed, in six months.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the donors on behalf of Aisya’s family,
and to thank all the people who placed enough faith in me (MJ, stay in your tempurung!) to give with their hearts.

Also I think we all need to please thank all the bloggers who highlighted (directly and indirectly) Aisya’s plight:

MarinaM, Pi Bani, Jeff Ooi, Rocky, Nuraina Samad, Zorro, Susan Loone, June Tan, Azmi Ahmad, Ionbuck, Jenn (from USA) and Moola.

And to my friends who posted on their blogs: KitSze, SzeToo, Tiffany, KoK, Julian, WanAisyah, Innshan, thanks a lot too.

Let’s just all give ourselves a pat on the back ok =) and not get stressed up by people like MJ. Why raise the statistics of Malaysians with high blood pressure just because of some frogs?

Will keep in touch.

Daphne ‘In-need-of-rest’ Ling

Ps: Altogether now...*Ribbit*...= )


Daphne Ling said...

Dear Anonymous and Ricky,

Could you guys please repost your comments? This senile old lady accidentally deleted the post and had to repost the whole thing.


JuN said...

Heyo daph, I read Marina's blog. Cna i go use fcukering language there? I wana tel that bastard to mind his own bisnes. Why you alwys so bloody nice and sweet one? Aiyeh

tim wong said...

hey daphne! i'll be in ipoh from may 7th to aug 9th on summer break.. would love to help you out wherever possible... anywhere i could fit in?

timothy wong said...

wow, u reply quick.. anyway.. i'll contact you as soon as i get back. have no idea what my days will be like.. i figure i'll be real free but will have to do some routine meeting up with family and stuff esp over the first few weeks that i'm back. GH sounds great, i could get some fund raising stuff going too if you know of people who really need help.

Pi Bani said...

Way to go Daph! Ribbit! Ribbit! Ribbit!


Anonymous said...

Bravo to you, Daphne.
Good decision.
It's time to trail blaze new horizons.
The Great Mahatma Gandhi once did say that if everyone reacted with " an eye for an eye" then soon all would be blind."
I am thinking the blindness mentioned is not just physical but included emotional and spiritual blindness, where applicable !!

Heaven knows.

Anonymous said...

That's the spirit, Daphne! Go on , do what you love and ignore this kind of nincompoop. Even the frogs will jump away from this clowns. Right froggy?? Ribbit,ribbit!!

aemi said...

hey nai..

glad you're okay :)

i'll call or msg soon when wei chieh's mum decides on how things are to go..

but anyhow, i'm just glad everything's all right.. in that sense :P hehe.. :)


Anonymous said...

Daphne Dear,
Glad to know you are doing well. Was waiting to know how your take on this 'frog' was. When Marina said you were upset, I was a little worried. But looks like you are taking it well. Fighting fire with humourous honey is pretty rare. Proud to know you are doing so. After all, you have turned the criticism into something lighthearted and having fun (laughs) calling him a frog. You could have easily cried and whined like some victim to gain sympathy or you could have go on a blaze where you curse and throw profanities. But you didn't, which is good. Ribbit.
Cheers girl,
(Aunty)Josephine Lee

Anonymous said...


I forgot to add the fact that I liked how you have thanked all the bloggers who posted. Gratitude and giving credit where it is due is so rare nowadays.

Aunty Josephine

kutai said...

All the best to you.

Great to see you still with the spirits!! :-)

There'll always be ppl like that. We have nothing to prove to them, as in their mind, we are always wrong before we even begin.

Best to ignore them and keep enjoying this life with the good things we do.

MJ said...

Don't let such people keep you from doing what you want in helping others who need it! If you stop, they win.

Anonymous said...

Hi Daphne,

Got diverted here through MarinaM's blog. That nonsense about Melayu Jati caught my attention.

Anyway, I would like to make a small contribution towards Aisya. Not being very tech savvy, I cant seem to access your e mail address. Need some particulars as to how I can make the contribution. Please call me at 012 3345 996 (ashok). Thank you

Leo said...

Hi daph, my first time to comment here...
Just wanna say,
you are one of the few precious gold nuggets in the midst of rubbles.

Wished I have guts like you.

Keep up the good work! Don't let idiots pull you down just because they are idiots anyways.

Under_water said...

Hey, nice one. Great poem. Into your tempurung MJ!

Chibster said...

Hey Daphne, stumbled upon your blog while bloghopping. I'd also like to contribute a little towards little Aisya's plight.

My email is Tq!

paikkuan said...

way to go, ms ling :) keep up the good work and god bless :)

mott said...

You've got great parents! To teach you to stand up, strong in such adversity.

You go GRRRLLLL!!!!!

I think what you've done is extremely noble..and I only wish there were more like you.

Don't worry..I'm too narcisstic to worship the ground you walk on...I worship my own ground...


but seriously...keep livin'..keep givin!