Wednesday, 18 April 2007



I found this very beautiful Iranian page, with a very beautiful video...It was so beautiful I watched it a few times; even played it over and over again so I could copy down the words.

If you have the time, go and watch the video. Although it takes quite a while to load, it is definitely worth your time...

The message in the video was this, and I'll like to share it with you:-


Imagine it, even though, it is hard to do so,
A world in which every man is very lucky,
A world in which money, race and power are not considered as positions,
The reply to homophonies is not riot police,
Neither it has unclear bomb nor bomber, nor motar,
No child will leave his foot on the landmine anymore,
All are free and without pain,
You won't read, whales suicide in the newspaper.

Imagine a world without disgust and gunpowder,
Without opinionated cruelty, without panic and coffin,
Imagine it, even if it is a crime,
Even if your throat is filled with Collyrium by calling its name,
Imagine a world in which prison is a legend,
All of the wars of the world has led to an armistice,
Nobody is the master, people are of the same position,
Every seed of wheat is a share for every man,
With no border and no domination,
Fatherhood means the whole world,
Imagine that you can be the fulfillment of this dream.


If you want to watch is, just visit this page...

I especially loved the last line that said: Imagine that you can be the fulfillment of this dream...

Really...imagine if we all could...

It is really the direction in which this world should be progressing in. But it is so sad that I won't be here to witness the apocalypse of the Old World Civilisation, and the birth of the new one.

But it really tugs at the heartstrings when you read such messages, because it is a sign that the idea of peace and freedom and justice is not an unthinkable thought. It might seem impossible to achieve at the moment, but I have faith in the human spirit. And I am confident that if a few simple souls are touched by the message, then they will strive to pass the message, even if it is just to their friends.

I am confident that one day, these words will be turned into action. There will come a time when mankind will be ready to accept this changes of abolition of power. And when that day comes, then we can truly say that we are an evolved and unsurpassable civilisation.

A civilisation that is truly moral in origin.

But when will that day come?

I don't know...

But I know it will come, even if I won't see it...


PootPoot said...

Oi Daph, Get some rest lah. You work too much. Go sleeeep. When you free we go mamak lah. Don't work so much. Aiyoh.

Daphne Ling said...

Oi Poot,

You call watching videos 'work'? Weird lar you, and funny. Yeap, mamak anytime can...=)

Hizami said...

Thank you! That was really beautiful, and it's really heart-warming to see someone with so much faith in humanity, and the future, as you do. I've read the hideous comment against you, and I am just amazed at how you can keep your faith strong and undamaged after that vile incident. We are, unfortunately, both angels and demons in potentia - but you still manage to see the angels in everyone, even after encountering a demon, and that is truly inspirational.

Thank you for everything that you've done, and for reminding me of all the reasons I still have faith - I may be a stranger, and a lone voice, and we may never meet, but please know that I, too, believe in the future - and once there are enough of us, maybe, just maybe, that's when the world will change.

Keep up the good work Daphne!

Anonymous said...

Hey Daphne, it was a great clip. Thanks for sharing. :)