Sunday, 29 November 2009

We've Become Friends...

A few weeks ago, I wrote about this old lady whose room I passed who was moaning and crying in pain and who kept saying "I promise I won't bug you anymore" everytime I got her something...She was definitely very miserable the last time, and as I held her hand and she eventually went to sleep after about an hour, I whispered a little prayer for her.

Before I left her room, I left her a little note on her bedside table wishing her well.

Imagine my surprise when I went in to the hospital this week, and this happy old lady greeted me! I knew something about her was familiar but I couldn't really place her, having seen countless of happy old people. But there was something about her that felt vaguely familiar.

I went about my daily routine, and found myself in one-wing of the hospital that I only go to if I have the time (it's under my jurisdiction, but I usually don't have time to cover there), and I saw her again, and this time, she called my name.

She: "Daphne, it's me, X. You left me a card and I still have it!"

Me: "Oh my God!!!"

At that point, I was going to cry. She looked amazing. For someone who could barely lift her head a few weeks ago, here she was sitting on a chair, reading a book.

Me: "You look great! The last time I saw you..........."

She: "Yeah...You helped. Thanks, sweetie"

Me: "Hey, you wanna go for a walk? I could wing you a wheelchair and we could sneak out"

She: "Ooooh, that would be awesome"...

The nurses were alright with it, and even gave us the suggestion of going to the coffeehouse, so I dropped all the other stuff I was supposed to do, and the two of us made our way there. The old dear even asked all the nurses and staff if she could bring them a coffee or a donut!

On the way:-

She: "You'll let me buy you a coffee and a muffin, right? You have to. I'll be depressed if you won't"

I finally agreed to a coffee...

And so, we spent another hour or so together. And she invited me to come visit her at home ("When I get out of this place, of course!")...

But this is the first time a patient has remembered my name, a few weeks later.

And what a stark contrast from the first time I saw her...

No more "I promise I won't bug you anymore": We've become friends...

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

"I Was Trying Out for the National Ballet..."

Image taken from here...

Apparently, I am a little bit clumsy...

But I didn't know how clumsy I was until today...

I was on my way home yesterday, with my mug of coffee when I tripped, and did a magnificent ballerina splat on the staircase, on the way up...

Yes, I fell going upwards...

Such was my unique way of falling that one ankle was on the sixth step and my knee was on the edge, five steps up. I literally looked like I did a split, on the staircase. The two girls who were outside enjoying the sunshine, after recovering from their shock of me tripping were admiring how I managed to fall so flexibly...and painfully, I might add!

So, of course, I am now limping...again...

Needless to say, people have been asking why the limp...Like I said, I didn't realise I was such a klutz, until I started meeting people...

And just my luck, Wednesday's the day that I spend the entire day within the maze of the Psychology Department offices and labs, so all I do is bump into profs and the like.

Class last night

Super-Nice Prof: "You hurt your foot again?" *Grins* (She calls me Hoppy)

Oww...Usually, people say, "did you hurt yourself?"


Supervisor-Prof: "Which part did you hurt this time?"

Me: "Knee"

She: "What happened?"

Me: "I was trying out for the National Ballet"

She: *SNORT* *Choke on coffee*

Me: "What???"

She: "You?!? You have to find a better more believable cover. You're such a klutz!"

Bumped into TA in the Hallway...

TA: "Oh dear, what happened?"

Me: "Hurt myself trying for the National Ballet!"

TA: "Oh come on, hon. What happened?" *Laughs*

Me: "Why won't anyone believe me?...I fell..." *Rolls eyes*

TA: "Now, that's more likely!"

The coordinator of the Psyc Department

She: "Now what did you do to yourself?"

Me: "National Ballet tryouts!"

She:"No, really, Daphne..."

Me: "You people really don't believe me! Why?"

She: "Because you of all people don't have time for that!"

Me: "You're kind. XYZ said I was a klutz"

She: "No, you're not" *Laughs*

Oh, finally. Somebody who was kind...


Friday, 6 November 2009

Of Body Worlds and The Sound of Music...

It's back to the grind this week after a short break for a week.

Didn't feel like much of a break though, since I was busy paying back the hours I had missed in the lab when I came down with the cold and my professor threw me out (H1N1 paranoia!) and busy trying to finish all my assignments and study for my midterms as well!

But I did manage to visit Toronto for two days and go and see two things I've been looking forward to, courtesy of my two very generous cousins. I got to visit the Body Worlds Exhibit, where they showcase real-life human specimens that have been plastinated. The World Tour was held at the Ontario Science Centre, and it was really darn cool, seeing the human body preserved like that. The focus of the fair was the story of the heart.

My friend, Angie, and me, at the Ontario Science Centre...

I wasn't too happy because I felt the organisers were a bunch of money-making leeches--they charge you extra if you wanted a set of audio-recordings to accompany you on the tour, and I felt that was ridiculous.

Some people who visit the fair could very well have a reading-disability and/or have low vision and not be able to read the exhibition material, and NEED the audio-recording. So it's NOT fair to charge for something you have no control of, especially since the entry-tickets are like $ 30 to begin with.

But besides that fact (and that the security in charge of the fair (not the Ontario Science Centre in general, whose staff were helpful and polite) were quite rude), the exhibit itself was good.

That's one loooong cow! Seen in Toronto, outside the Princess of Wales Theatre...

And then we went to see The Sound of Music at the Princess of Wales Theatre! Amazing...enough said...It's a timeless classic, after all.

I would have loved to see the actual Julie Andrews in her youth play Maria, but then again, she's a legend!

Check out the parking rates for the Princess of Wales Theatre! Lol...Smart car gets half price...