Wednesday, 22 September 2010

"You a Ballerina?"...

"You a ballerina?"

Lol...I never thought I'd hear that, ever...

I attended an adult jazz class last night, with a bunch of, well, adults. We started out with warm ups, and very soon, were happily dancing. Early into the session, the instructor pointed to my feet and asked about my background and when I told her "no ballet", she said "well, very nice turnout".

I had to laugh--guess my 10 weeks of ballet worked! My ballet teacher would have been proud!

She then said, "for now, point your feet in front ok, no turnout"

I'm liking this--finally, a type of dance I actually like (I tried salsa/swing and was actually bored cos I don't like dances where someone has to lead).

And if I find a ballet teacher, even better.

Tonight, I thought I'd head to the gym and join the university's jazz session and see how it goes. Heh. this is fun.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

A Lesson in Breathing...

It's amazing, really. I'm taking about half the amount of courses I took last term and I actually feel busier. What's even more amazing is my supervisor actually thinks I can manage a full course load.

This week is the first week for everyone on campus. I came back a week earlier because I had some work to do with the first years.

And while mostly everyone was busy getting to know everyone else and settling in, I already had my first assignment due today, three days into the week. Getting it done was such a relief. It was just a one-page proposal, but I really didn't want to start off on a bad footing with my supervisor by getting this wrong.

"I like this"...

A BIG sigh of relief...

Perils of being in fourth year.

Thank heavens I had the sense of not taking a full course load, and not overestimating myself.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

New School Year, New Hair, New Glasses!

New school year, new hair, new glasses!

Phew. Sorry it took me so long to update (this seems to almost be a common theme nowadays, isn't it?)...

I had a whirlwind of a few weeks. Busy last minute packing, busy last minute meeting of more people, horrible 32 hours or so flying and in-transit (KLIA-Dubai-London-Toronto), followed by a whirlwind tour of Ottawa-Montreal-Quebec City (my uncle/aunt treated me!), followed by a huff-puff-huff move back to campus!

This week is frosh-week on campus. I have just finished conducting 3 sessions of academic-seminars on academic integrity with the first years.

And I am now looking forward to a few days to myself, just lazing around.

I am looking forward to starting the new year.

I like to start the year afresh, and apparently, I do it with my hair as someone reminded me. Last year, I dyed it purple. This year, I chopped it off. I haven't had a bad review yet, so far.

One friend squealed "why did you have to chop alllll of it off?"; my professors like it apparently because they have all commented about my hair and how it's 'so cute'. I'm not sure I want them to know me as 'cute', but oh well...

So what did I learn from all this?

Apparently, my hair has attracted quite a bit of attention because everyone noticed I cut it. And since everyone has raved about this new do, apparently, they didn't like the long hair (although they liked the purple cos I got some raves from professors and friends alike for that)...

So, moral of the story?

Be careful what you do with your hair...