Wednesday, 15 September 2010

A Lesson in Breathing...

It's amazing, really. I'm taking about half the amount of courses I took last term and I actually feel busier. What's even more amazing is my supervisor actually thinks I can manage a full course load.

This week is the first week for everyone on campus. I came back a week earlier because I had some work to do with the first years.

And while mostly everyone was busy getting to know everyone else and settling in, I already had my first assignment due today, three days into the week. Getting it done was such a relief. It was just a one-page proposal, but I really didn't want to start off on a bad footing with my supervisor by getting this wrong.

"I like this"...

A BIG sigh of relief...

Perils of being in fourth year.

Thank heavens I had the sense of not taking a full course load, and not overestimating myself.


jeyan said...

hee hee hoo

hee hee hoo

That is how they teach people to breathe. Ha ha.

Nice hair girl.

Nightwing said...

Way to go...good way to start the semester.