Saturday, 30 April 2011

I'm Done University!

Home for the past year...

I left the lab for the last time today...No more punching codes to get in...No more working late nights in the lab where the only people walking the hallways are security to check who's still around...No more singing in the hallways at night because I feel like it and I know no one can hear me...

A friend caught me on camera coming out of the lab. Well, at least I have this picture to remind me of how it looks like...

Printed and bound!

And finally, my thesis. Oh dear lord...I'm broke just printing alone (FOUR copies!)...But it's been the most worthwhile task in my undergraduate career...The autonomy, the pride in actually finishing it, the sense of accomplishment, and the skills!

And the culmination of the thesis was the department poster presentation. Each student is required to present to 3 faculty who will grade your work, and anyone else--faculty, staff, student, public--who came by who was interested.

It was the weirdest feeling having to present to your supervisor. Especially since she knows everything there is to know about your project! But it was definitely good practice!

My poster on presentation day...

Along with my fellow lab mate (each faculty takes on 2 thesis students), I will be presenting my thesis at the 72nd Canadian Psychological Association conference in June. It's pretty cool both our thesis got accepted! So any practice is good...

But yeah! I'm done!

Friday, 15 April 2011

Most Injured During Time at University...;)

I'm enjoying my 'noodle'!

I honestly think if there was an award for 'most injured during time at university', I would win hands-down. But I'm cool with it because hey, I'm unique that way.

I had a fall last weekend, and have a 'potentially' fractured rib. They say it's 'potentially fractured' because apparently X-Rays can't always see a fracture--the doctor also said something about too much swelling and inflammation over the ribs to tell. My pain was consistent with a fracture though, so they're treating it as such.

I am really enjoying the SwimEx pool on campus as such--nice, pulsating bubbles and currents at a nice warm temperature really feels nice for a sore chest. I can do some light exercise in there too, and it's just relaxing to sit on my 'noodle' and feel the currents.

I think I'll try doing the treadmill and the bike in the water next.

Maybe I should try writing my thesis in the water. Out of water, it's either writing in discomfort/pain or writing while doped/loopy. Lol!