Thursday, 29 November 2012

The BEST and WORST Supervisors...

I was reading this piece about choosing supervisors on U of T's website and had a good laugh.

I guess I'm lucky. Through the years, I've had supervisors who did everything listed on the "best" to "worst" scenarios. I think the supervisors described was an amalgamation of all my supervisors' good and bad traits.

U of T was probably writing it tongue-in-cheek, but hey, I've had supervisors who:


1) Visited me in the hospital (two supervisors, mind you)
2) Called the family practice to find me a doctor, and dug up numbers for a chiropractor when I injured my back
3) Dealt with all the bureaucracy for me and all I needed to do was get them signed
4) Tried to tell me who my "secret examiner" was since "everyone else knew theirs."


1) Supervisor who is never around!
2) Supervisor who always showed up late for any meeting, and then tried to rush me off!
3) "Makes you feel nervous, stupid, isolated or angry"
4) Supervisor who could never make up her mind and everything was "good." Or on the flip side, supervisor who could never make up her mind and everything was "NOT good."

Thankfully, I haven't had a supervisor turn on me...yet.

And I hope we don't go there...