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Flatten the Curve: Stay at Home

This is a rant and a personal "commentary" on my part re. the coronavirus and social distancing.
In the last week, I cancelled some plans to attend bigger group events. SOME folks took the cancellation very personally.
Usually, I wouldn't address this publicly, but I will this time because the coronavirus isn't about you and it isn't personal.
We all have a duty to flatten the curve. We cannot stop the virus from doing what viruses do, but we can do our part to stop it from spreading. Social distancing is the responsible thing to do at this stage. It gives our healthcare system the best chance at treating the people who are sick with the virus (and other stuff) so that they can hopefully be saved.
The thing about some viruses is this: You might carry it and not know until later. This is a problem because you are contagious before you show symptoms. Also, depending on many factors, you might be infected and show so minimal signs that you might never know you're …

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