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COVID19: Recognise your Privilege

This is a rant and a personal "commentary" on my part re. COVID19 and social distancing #2:
I've had several conversations now with people from all socioeconomic levels -- everywhere from people earning half a million dollars a year to those who don't know where their next meal is coming from -- since COVID19 became fulminant.
One main theme has emerged: Privilege and a complete unawareness that privilege exists.
I have spoken to a millionaire (there are quite a few in Vancouver) who complained that it was traumatising that her only child was kicked out her university residence in the States when the virus hit and that "she had nowhere to go." Turns out, her "nowhere to go" was another one of many homes they owned that was 10 minutes away from the university (she chose to live on residence because it was more convenient).
Another couple lamented that it was such a disaster because they would have to move to the island earlier than the summer and …

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