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Pissing on a Worm ≠ Structural EDI Issues

So, someone tweeted: "What is the most overhyped animal?"
An editor-in-chief responded: "C. elegans*. They wiggle forward. They wiggle backwards. And occasionally they fuck themselves. That’s it."*Worm
And now scientists on Twitter are losing their sh*t and likening the joke-debate to systemic racism, sexism, -ism, and citing the bystander effect of privileged folks not stepping up to say these jokes are toxic and/or participating in the joke themselves.
The privileged standing back and/or supporting worm vs fly "joke" "debate" is model elitism, but it's not about equity, diversity, or inclusion.
The biases against & struggles of POC, the LGBTQ2IA+ community, disabled, under-represented minority, and other minority group≠someone pi$$ing on a worm.
I can't believe that needs to be said.(But maybe I can.)

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