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You'll Get There...

I started my PhD in the fall of 2016. Because I work with a clinical population, data is very hard to come by. Following up with families for 6 months just to get them to send the consent form in is not uncommon.
It is very dejecting when all your friends are attending and/or presenting at conferences yearly.
"You'll get there. Keep at it. Human work is the hardest, especially when it's a clinical study with children," said one professor.
She wasn't wrong.
I'll be attending conferences in Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America this year and presenting at 3 of them.
All main conference-related travel (registration, flight, accommodation) will be funded by a combination of The Boss, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, The International Behavioural Neuroscience Society, The International Brain Research Organisation, and UBC Neuroscience. (I'll hit a slump again next year since I'm basically presenting all my data now)
Don't give up if yo…

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