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Thin privilege

So, yesterday, I ran out of coffee & went to get some from the cafe just around the corner from the lab.
An older lady, also a customer, handed me the milk I was reaching for. She also handed me some sugar packets.
My tutu(ish)-covered bottom, tights, leg-warmers & I declined the sugar.

The lady looks me up and down:
"Oh, hon, u can afford the calories. Love yourself. You deserve it.”
*pats me on the back*

Now, I know I have thin privilege as the world doesn't treat the space my body lives in as bad.
I know I can wear tulle skirts (some people call it tutu) and experiment with different outfits and people will call it chic or bohemian or eclectic. Or just weird.
I know retailers mostly (not always) cater to folks like me.
I know I don't live in a space where people are *constantly* judging my personality and choices, or writing me off as having poor self-control. People don't sneer when I say I am studying inhibitory control in my PhD.
I know healthcare profession…

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