Dear All,

I will be taking a short leave from the World of Blogging to re-charge my batteries...The present ones are horribly worn out, and I am very tired (physically)...

Looking forward to coming back, and meantime, take care all you Blog Bro's and Sis's, and thanks for all the support thus far! If you wish to contact me, my email is always available, and hey, so is the comments page! =)

I shall meanwhile, leave you with a short poem that has never failed to make me laugh...After all, I believe Mr Nobody is everywhere!

Mr. Nobody

I know a funny little man,
As quit as a mouse,
Who does the mischief that is done
In everybody's house!
There's no one ever sees his face,
And yet we all agree
That every plate we break was cracked
By Mr. Nobody

`Tis he who always tears our books,
Who leaves the door ajar,
He pulls the buttons from our shirts,
And scatters pine afar;
That squeaking door will always squeak,
For, prithee, don't you see,
We leave the oiling to be done
By Mr. Nobody

The finger marked upon the door
By none of us are made;
We never leave the blind unclosed,
To let the curtains fade.
The ink we never spill; the boots
That lying round you. See
Are not our boots they all belong
To Mr. Nobody.

~Author Unknown~

Laugh, people!



zewt said…
dont take too long!
Anonymous said…
have fun!!!

psst...can bring this aunty along? I also want to escape my kids la..ha ha
Anonymous said…
Daphne girl,
You don't sound too well. The cold you caught seems to make you so tired. Take care and get plenty of rest and come back to do some more wonderful blogging. Looking forward to reading your posts again soon!
Anonymous said…
Hey girl u ok?
J.T. said…
Hey Daphne,

Hope all is okay with you.

I'll be in touch via email. :) *hugs*
winniethepooh said…
take care n have a good rest
Anonymous said…
come back soon!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Oh dear, be back soon okay? Now you take care of yourself
the Razzler said…
Dear Daphne ...

Do take care ... & spread your special brand of `Love' around!!

Don't ever stop ...

Meanwhile .. have loads of fun!! :) :)
Nightwing said…
Have a good R & R. And be back fresh.
flyhigh said…
I admire ur strong will & determination in making this world a better place.......
Lee said…
Hi Daphne, use Duracell batteries when you come back.
Have a nice break. UL.
Mat Salo said…
Take care Daphne, everyone needs a break sometimes. No need to apologize or feel guilty. Have fun!
zorro said…
Permission given to take a well-earned re-charging condition you come back SPARKLING!
Anonymous said…
NO!!!!!! Come back!!!!!! I MIss you alreadi!!!!!!
Daphne Ling said…
Hey Everyone!
I am back! Muahaha...Sheesh...I sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger...Hehehehehe...
But thanks for the kind words yeah! Nice to know some people are missing me...Or at least pretending too ;) Hahaha!