Teacher, I Didn't Do It!...

Sorry I have been real bad in updating this blog...Have been real busy with a lot of stuff, like sending in (more) documents for my visa and accommodation in Canada, getting my vaccinations updated (Ouch!) and a whole lot of other stuff that doesn't sound as cool...Hehe...;)

Anyway, was chatting with mum, and we were laughing at all the cute stuff that kids say...Thought I'd share some of it with you today...


Mum: "Jonathan, come here"...

Jonathan: "I didn't do it!!! Really!!!"


Mum: "Siva, why did you take Puan Yati's purse?"

Siva: "I didn't take! Not me"...

Mum: "Then how come the purse is in your bag?"

Siva: "I don't know! Not me, teacher!"


Mum: "Ahmad, did you climb the tree? I thought I told you you cannot climb trees in school?"

Ahmad: "Teacher, he also climb."

Mum: "I didn't ask about 'he'...I ask you whether you climb or not..."

Ahmad: "But, teacher, he also climb. Not me only."


I walked to my mum's class of 9 year-olds to collect her bags...I walked in, and:-

Class: "Wah..."

Smart aleck: "Teacher, that one your daughter ar?"

Mum: "My daughter is too old for you."


Class: "Teacher, how old are you?"

Mum: "I'm 90 years old."

Class: "Wah..."

The next day...

One pupil: "Teacher, my mummy said you cannot be 90 years old."

Mum: "Why not?"

Pupil: "Cos your hair still black."

Another pupil: "Can wan! My grandma is very old, her hair also black! She dye her hair..."


Oh dear, kids say the funniest stuff, don't they? But they make our life a whole lot funnier, huh?

Until next time, guys!

*Note: Names have all been changed.


WP said…
Haha, really funny! Yeah, kids are just so cool...it's a "pity" they grow up :P
Salt N Turmeric said…
I like no.4 the best! hehe. very the cute one.
J.T. said…
Kids always know how to amuse us. They're so cute.

Hope you are almost at the end of getting things together for your big move.

Anonymous said…
HAHAHAH..I like the 'denial' part!

My No.2 does it often! "I'm not touching..I'm only seeing"..is his fav phrase!
Ydiana said…
My kindergarten son always comes home saying. "Mummy I finished my homework, So does Roshan. Roshini, Ek See King, Adam never finish..."
(names are interchangeable and maybe wrong spelling)

My friend's Std 1. Teacher asked him, "Aiman, boleh?" And he answered, "Boleh...boleh blah..." The teacher gasped.
Blur Angel said…
hey girl , i hopped over to your blog , and i think u r great! i've always been wanting to help those in need but always gave myself excuses! U've motivated me to do something about it!! :) God Bless ...

RIP CHee Keong
Kerp (Ph.D) said…
kihkih...poor ahmad. when in deep shit, all friends disaasociated themselves from him. real friends indeed.
Anonymous said…
Hahahaha.. I can totally relate to that. My kids, whenever I asked them why they are still doing the things that I told them not to do, they answered me..."it's my brain who makes me do it". It doesn't amuse me there and then, but when I think back.. I guess they are just being kids.
winniethepooh said…
i think i said most of those to my mom too! hahaha :P