Perceptions of Canada, Daphne and Psychology...

I decided on a career in Psychology after volunteering in the hospital for 10 months, in the year 2006. And I decided on Canada way back in 2003 because my parents were happier that I would have family there, and the fees are more reasonable. And I find that people's response to these are generally the same =)

Perception Number 1

On Canada:-

1) Lecturer in Inti:

She: "So, Daphne, which part of the US are you planning to go to?"

Me: "Oh, I'm going to Canada".

She: "Oh, very cold"...

2) Taxi driver in Penang, whom I befriended, because I always called on him:

He: "Eh, which country you going to? Australia ah?"

Me: "No lar Uncle. Canada".

He: "Wah, very cold wan".

Me: "Oh, you've been there? Cool!"

He: "No lar. But very cold. After your nose also you cannot feel".

3) Veterinarian, whom I bring my animals to:

She: "So, where to next, girl?"

Me: "Canada".

She: "Aiyoh, God bless you. It's very cold there".

*And she asks me the same question every time I bring my dogs. It will be followed by 1) What are you going to study, and 2) Which part of Canada...

Come to think of it, the only person so far who hasn't exclaimed how cold Canada is (when hearing I'm going there to study) in the course of the conversation is Tun Dr Mahathir. *Lol*

Perception Number 2

On Daphne:-

1) While chatting with the uncle who cleans the market...

Uncle Lourdes: "Daphne, what are you going to study? Medicine?"

Me: "No lar Uncle Lourdes".

2) At the Roti Canai shop today, where I've been eating for the past, 10 years? The man there always talks to my mum and dad, but he usually just smiles at me. Today, he addressed me:

Him: "Sekarang sudah belejar mana? KL kah? (Where are you studing now? KL?)".

Me: "Tak lar. Sekarang cuti. Nanti August baru sambung balik (No lar. Now on holiday. Will only continue again in August)".

Him: "Belajar apa? Medic ka? (Studying what? Medic ah?)"

Me: "Aiya, tarak lar Uncle (Aiya, no lar Uncle)".

3) At the dentist today, where this new dentist, a sweet thing, was seeing to me...

Her: "So what are you going to study in Canada? Medicine?"

Me (with mouth open, and some metal poking at my braces): "Nah uh"

Her: "Dentistry"

Me: "Nah uh"

Her: "Veterinary Science"

Me: "Nah uh"

Her: "Ling, so Foo-Chow. Must like money. Banking, economics, accounting?" *I'm actually Hokkien*

Me: "Nah uh"

*She never got it, even till my mouth was done...;) *Lol*

4) At the hospital, when I was warded...

Neighbour: "Girl, you study what? Medicine ar?" (In Hokkien)

Me: "No lar Aunty" *How on earth do you explain Psychology in Hokkien???*

I addressed the daughter instead, telling her what I'm studying. The daughter scratches her head for the term, and finally tells her mother...

Daughter: "She studies the brain"

Me: *Smack head*

Neighbour: "Wah, even more fantastic than medicine".

5) While attending the funeral of my grand-aunt a week ago, my mother's cousin (My aunt) declared to all the other distant relatives there, in Hokkien:

Aunt: "Wah, you know ar (points to me), she very smart one ar. Going to become a doctor"

Ling family: "Eh?!?"

Me: "No lar Ah Ee, I'm not doing medicine"

Brother: "Yeah smart aleck. Now you have to figure out how to explain Hokkien"...


Either I look like a doctor/medical student (dishevelled hair, maybe?), or that's the only occupation anybody can think of...

Perception Number 3

On Psychology:-

1) At the photo studio, where I often go to get my prints...

Owner: "Ah girl, what are you studying? Medicine?"

Me: "No, I'm studying Psychology".

Owner: "Wah, dangerous. Can read minds".

2) At the orthodontist...

Dr L: "What are you majoring in?"

Me: "Psychology"

Dr L: "Dangerous. I'm not talking to you". (She was teasing me)

3) At the hydrotherapy pool, where I volunteer...

Mother of special child: "Dik belajar apa? Doktor ya? (What do you study? Medicine huh?)"

Me: "Psikologi"

Mother: "Eh, dahsyat tu. Bahaya, boleh baca minda orang (Eh, dangerous. Can read people's mind)"


The best? The one where people combined all three perceptions...

At the computer store, while browsing for a notebook...Two salesmen (S) were with us...

S1: "Where you going to study?" (We were discussing the International Warranty)

: "Canada".

S1: "Wah, very cold!"

S2: "Studying medic ma?"

Me: "Nope. Psychology lar".

S1 and S2: "Wah, dangerous lar you"...

*Smack Head*

Aiyo, studying Psychology doesn't enable you to read minds lar...Cos the first head I would attempt to read, would be,well, mine...;)


wanshana said…
Hahaha! That's so funny, Daphne - You got me smiling throughout.

I like the "3-in-1" at the end ;) (Smack head 3x!) Hahaha!

Doktor otak(?!) who reads the mind?!! terrer you..
yantysamsul said…
You make me laugh lah girl!! ehehehe..
Hello, hi. said…
lol! damn funny!
omg, is it really gonna be THAT cold? omg, omg omg! hahaha, i'm so scared la, i cannot tahan cold at all at all.
omg, and i'm gonna go to NY. aaaargh!

omg! 2 weeks more only. about the same here and i have yet to pack anything at all. omgness daphne! miss u!
Unknown said…
Should I expect a Mind Reader in thick, sheep wool clad with stethoscope around her neck, with a badge 'I AM dangerous' will make a comeback from Canada with a flashy statement on her cert saying 'Master of Psychology and Mind Reading'?
Waaah, dangerous!
Kerp (Ph.D) said…
hold on, hold on. lemme get this straight. psychology does not in any ways produce a Madam Zora-kind of mind-reader? danng...*smack head*
Salt N Turmeric said…
kerp, she wont be able to read mind but she will definitely make you see things her way. lol. jgn marah daphne!
Pi Bani said…
They got it all wrong, didn't they? A psychologist is the one who makes people go psycho...

the Razzler said…
Wahhhh... Daphne!!

.. the Brain Doctor with a heart of Gold!! :) :)

All the best & take care!!
Anonymous said…
Oh bless... well, get ready for that to happen for the next 3(?) years or so of your degree every time someone asks you what you're studying. Hehe... at the end of mine, I think I decided not to work in it right after so just I wouldn't to explain that Psychs are NOT mind readers! :P But I imagine it's infinitely more difficult to do in Hokkien? ;) Sx
Anonymous said…
daphne you made me laugh real hard! you would make a great doctor and psychologist i think!
Daphne Ling said…
Hey Kak Shana,

Haiyo, yeah lor...The 3-in-1 sales wackos...Some answers are just sooo predictable, don't you think?

As for Dr Otak, I'm as confused as you man...More, in fact!
Daphne Ling said…
Hi Yanty,

Glad to be of service! And hoping to continue serving...;)
Daphne Ling said…
Hey Rina,

Haha! You're having problems with the cold too, huh? I bet NY is not as cold as Canada, where it was reported that this year's (early 2008) winter was -30 degrees...


I think by the time we finish dressing up the layers, we can't walk adi lar...;(

Good luck in your move, and missing you too! *Hugs*
Daphne Ling said…
Hey Akmal,

"Should I expect a Mind Reader in thick, sheep wool clad with stethoscope around her neck, with a badge 'I AM dangerous' will make a comeback from Canada with a flashy statement on her cert saying 'Master of Psychology and Mind Reading'?"


Sounds like some character outta Batman! ;) I'm thinking of the 'penguin' character, played by Danny DeVito mixed with some joker (Heath Ledger)...*Shudder*
Daphne Ling said…
Oi Kerp,

Mana ada Madam-Zorra, mind reading thingy? Apa lar lu? ;)

Isn't Madam Zorra a tarot-card reader or something?

Psychologist got do that one ar? Predict stuff? Look into future?

I can't even see clearly 2 metres in front of me, what more the future? ;)
Daphne Ling said…
Hey people,

Sorry, will reply the rest of the comments in this post later...Gotta go! Chao!
Daphne Ling said…
Hi Kak Farina,

"kerp, she wont be able to read mind but she will definitely make you see things her way. lol. jgn marah daphne!"

Oh, tak marah...Very true... ;)

Daphne Ling said…
Hi Kak Pi,

Aiya, you and Aunty Marina same one lar...She asked me to psycho people too! Hehe...

Apa lar? Give lar semangat sikit ;)
Daphne Ling said…
Hi Uncle Jimmy,

Wah, you lagi dahsyat...Brain doctor pulak it becomes!

Aiyo...No ler...;)

Thanks for the wishes though...You take care too, k?
Daphne Ling said…
Hi Sheyna,

Haha! You got it too, didn't you? That's why you didn't work in it right away! Hehe...

Well, sometimes we do get a bit more neurotic than usual lar after finishing the Psychology notes and books...

Try reading Sigmund Freud man...You'd go nuts!
Daphne Ling said…
Hey Jo-D,

Haha, you like to flatter me, don't you? Thanks, but it's too much to live up to lar...=(
Anonymous said…
Hi Daphne,

You post always made me smile and laugh...and today i tot why not leave a comment.

Hahaha, how to say Psychology in hokkien?(i'm hokkien too). Now i'm scratching my head.

Good luck in your study.

- Kath
Nightwing said…
Hehe...nice posting.

Read people's
WP said…
Haha, how come everyone has the same perceptions about you? I must say that I have roughly the same perception of Canada...but not about psychology.

And I don't know how to say psychology in Hokkien either! Come to think of it, I don't even know how to say engineering... (which is what I'm studying :P )
IBU said…
Daphne dear,

Can't help but grin ear to ear. (But my teeth are not as nice as yours laa.... wink!wink! wahhh... now can eat dodol b4 leaving for canada?)

I did my minor in Psychology and guess what, even with just a minor - I've got similar responses too. You are going to hear some of these sometime in the future,
1. "errr... I'd better behave in front of you"
2. "r u going to analyse me?"
3. "can u interpret my dream?"

p/s my memories of canada; Niagara Falls!!! err... was there during summer - so I don't quite associate canada with bitter cold weather. there you go.... for a change !
Atif said…

I really had a good laugh reading this post lol XD

I had missed the news about Canada btw, so this comes a bit belated, but congrats by the way =D