I'm an Introvert, Really!

You know, most people assume I am an extrovert. I am essentially an introvert, however...Personality tests have shown that, consistently!

True, I am comfortable in crowds (selected crowds, mind you) and can function in big circles, but after a day of being with hordes of children and other people, I need that time to run back to my little caccoon and just be with myself!

I sometimes find it weird why people find that so difficult to do, really...I have no problem going on long walks alone, just immersed in my own thoughts or even singing to myself...And I am very happy to be alone in my room just starring at the wall!

How this silence and solitarity affect other people, however, is sometimes made apparent! Which is something I don't think about, because it really does not bother me...

Just wanted to share what happened at the hospital yesterday, at 'work' (volunteer=work), in the little room I work in, faced with a shelf and drawers of nothing but documents, envelopes, baby-armbands, plastic bags, and all kinds of stationery.

A man in scrubs popped in with equipment, and after exhanging pleasantries, left. He then returned with another load, and mused:

Man: "Gee, it's awfully quiet in here, eh?"
Me: "Uh-huh". *Smile*
Man: "Doesn't that bother you?"
Me: "Nope!"
Man: "Whoa"...

I went on with my work, and suddenly, this nurse pops her head in and says something so quickly, I just stared at her, and went "Pardon?"...It could have been I was so engrossed in my work, I wasn't paying any attention to what she said until I actually saw her standing at the door!

She: "Would you like a radio in here or something, hon? We could look into getting you one".
Me: "A radio?!?"
She: "Yes, it's so horribly quiet here, you poor thing. If it was me, I would have died of boredom!"
Me: "Oh!...Actually, I'm good. But thank you very much!"

After she left, I wanted to kick myself for turning down the offer of them putting a radio in the room, but then I realised I actually like it nice and quiet...My thoughts are entertaining enough, thank you very much...

In fact, in one class seminar where we were asked to simulate a conversation between two people (yourself and an imaginary friend), when the professor asked us to stop, many were still writing (me included), and he mused: "Quite some people have conversations that are going very well!"


Anyway, back to the nurse. I was pretty touched she actually noticed 'poor me' stuck in that room enough to bring up the issue of the radio. After all, none of the staff actually know my name or actual existence, save for the ward-clerks. The rest know there's someone who comes in who does their paperwork, but they don't really know who that person is. And it's not that hard to miss me. My 'office' is outside the main wing!

I'm just the person who stops random people in scrubs in the department when I run out of documents, stationery or baby armbands...I have a badge, so they know I am associated with the hospital...

But yeah, all that peace and quiet isn't all that bad...Just the mechanical, repetitive motions can be strangely relaxing, and you know the only hazard you have is a paper cut, which I get almost every week, by the way...

Hmmm...Maybe I am weirder than I thought! =)


WP said…
Hehe, I think I would have preferred a radio! :P (unless if I were reading...) At home (alone) I always have some music on...

(by the way, please check out my new "blog" - more like a site, really - if you have the time! ^_^)
Unknown said…
Everyone got their own preferences and environment they like the most. Yeah, we can fit in many kind of atmosphere, but sure everyone got one they'd really love to be in.
I guess 'in hot water' is one of the many that will work for some people lah haha.
I think I'd prefer some piano music around me. Soothing, i tell you :D
Honey, you're not a weirdo! Sometimes we do need a certain kind of atmosphere to let go of the tired knots in the muscle, or to pair up with the emotion at that moment.

Like me, I love the sound of the blasting noises my children make, but I also love the quiteness of the bedroom - where I can lie and read. At times, I juz love the soothing sound from the CD player. See - it all depends on the mood you have.

But really, I think you should've taken the radio offer. At least when the nothingness is swallowing you whole, you could switch on and listen to the ramblings...
whre4arthou said…
Hallo nai..

Maybe that's why we like each other.

I prefer to iron alone than to iron with a radio. Less likely to burn my hand and I can think over stuff as well.


But I stay at home too much! I should get out more.

I helped you check the fares to London in June and they're ridiculous! Maybe we should wait a little bit.. it might go down :P
Ms B said…
oh daphne, somehow this posting really reflects me. people assume i'm extrover too but i love the peace and quiet. i need time to be on my own and look forward to stroll all by myself.
Anonymous said…
Hi Dik,

Hope you're well. Keep writing!

Kak Sha
Clarisse Teagen said…
Dear Daphne :)

I've got a little something for you on my blog. I'd just like to thank you for blogging and sharing
YOur stories inspire me and remind me that everyone's beautiful, no matter how far or small.
the Razzler said…
Dear Daphne..

You are not at all `weird'.. just really special!! That's all!!

Mighty proud of you!! :)
Anonymous said…
Hmm..I'm like you. Already too many thoughts n voices in the head. No need for music.
Daphne Ling said…
Hi everyone!

Aiya, looks like we have quite an even break of people who are introverted and those who are not-so-introverted!

That's what makes this world so cool!

Apa Kau Nak said…
Hi Daphne, first time here. Interesting blog u have. I think I'm like u, at times i just want to be alone. like today in my office. purposely came to be alone. not that i am having any problem but sometimes that quietness is so calming. (compared to the jumping and the running and the Ben-10-ing and Ultraman-ing of my 2 boyz) ;)