"Oh, the Little Girl in the Ponytail"...

This is the kind of rat I work with! Cute, aren't they? (Picture stolen from the web)

Phew...So once again, I have been horrible in updating this blog. I have been extremely busy because classes are running back-to-back, I've got two labs to run back and forth from, assignments are pilling sky high and exams are running one after another.

The perils of studying during the summer!

So, anyway, somebody asked me about the rats I worked with, and they're the Long Evans Hooded rats (see above). They're cute la...I'm not bluffing you wan!

I've been getting a nice tan, and everytime I talk to my parents over Skype, they remark how tanned I've become. Actually, it's not so much that I've become very tanned, it's more that I've become so fair, that now the slightest bit of sun makes me look very dark!

Well anyway, turns out, alot of people here think I'm a kid. I like it when people think I'm younger than my actual age, but when people think you're a KID, it's a bit too much...

In McD, while getting a Coffee, 2 weeks ago:

Cashier to Colleague: "Whose order is this, the coffee?"

Colleague: "Oh, the little girl in the ponytail"

Me: "Owww. I'm not a little girl"

Lady: "Oh, sorry baby"

In the hospital, volunteering, just two days ago:

Lady: "Honey, shouldn't you be in school?"

Me: "Oh, I don't have class today"

Lady: "Oh, but everybody has class on weekdays".

Me: "Huh? But I don't. Not on Thursdays, that's why I took this shift".

Lady: "Oh I get it, you're trying to finish your ^48-hour requirement"

Me: "Huh?"


Me: "Ohhhh" (Finally getting it) "Ma'am, I'm older than I look. I'm no longer in high-school"

Lady: "How old are you, hon?"

Me: "I'll be 24 next year!"

Lady: "Get out of here! You don't look a day over 17!"

*Smack head. She thought I was juvenile!*

^High-school students here need to do 48?? hours of community service (or was it 40?) to graduate. I can't remember the actual number she said^

I saw my professor immediately after that in lab, and the first question I asked her:

Me: " L****, how old do you think I am?"

L: "You are between 22-25"

Me: "Wow, you are good! How did you know??"

L: *Laughs* "I collect data for my classes. I know the average undergraduate student is between 19-26 years old"

Me: "Oh, I get it, so you gave me the mean age because that would be your best bet!"

L: "Yes, now you're getting the idea!"

*Figures, Psychology professors are experts in Statistics!*

Today, while doing assignment in the Peterborough Square with another Malaysian friend, this old lady decided to join us! She chatted with and decided to asked us about our homework. And then she asked us which high school we go to, and when we told her we didn't go to high school and that we were in university, she gawked at us.

Old Lady: "You two are in university?!?"

My friend, Irene: "Yes!"

Me: "We're in third year!"

Old Lady: "How old are you?"

Irene: "We're 23".

Old Lady: "Oh my God, you look like you're in high school".

Oh well! It's funny how people get our ages so wrong. But some people are aware that Asians do look younger than they actually are.

Cos one guy I bumped into in the hospital actually said to me: "You look tiny, but I'm betting money you're old enough to drink and do alot of not-so-legal stuff!"


mott said…
Hee hee hee..I get that alot too.

Once I had my 3 kids with me, waiting around, when an old lady remarked, how nice of me, the big sister, to take time off to babysit her 3 lil brothers.

Wekekekekekekekekkeekek..I just kept very very very quiet and smiled. ;)

When u get my age, every single "young age" compliment counts!
Unknown said…
juvenile! lol! :D
never had such experience though. but if you REALLY know me, you might as well mistaken my frivolity with budak sekolah rendah one you know?
Tee Heng Giap said…
can u imagine getting those sort of remarks on a professional term,it's like they don't trust u!i'm use to it now.i can't help it if i don't age a bit for the past thirteen years.but on the social side...........................
whre4arthou said…
Hey nai..

Hehe.. since when have you been going around with a ponytail???

Nai.. we got your card and the lovely present :) Thank you so so much!!

It's really sad that you won't be able to make it but like you said.. perhaps next year..


There're some photos of our wedding on my blog.. the one I have with WC that is.. go see!! Hope you'll like them.

Anonymous said…
What a cute rat! I thought rats were either white or brown? You don't look 24 at all! Wakakaka and the small size does not help when the europeans are all huge!
the Razzler said…
Dear Daphne..

It's really great to read about all your interesting endeavours!!

Take care.. :)
Wai Wai said…
When people says I'm in my 20s, I'll be glad to treat that person a good nice meal.... and I make sure I don't laugh hard enough for my eye's wrinkles to reveal the truth.. LOL
Anonymous said…
Hi Dik...
LOL! After all these years of travelling around...I got that a lot too..:-)

Take good care!

Daphne Ling said…
Hi Mott,

Wahlau. You lagi jialat. That is really a compliment lar wei, at, ahem, your age! Haha...

Keep it up!

Wakakaka it right!
Daphne Ling said…
Eh Akmal,

You with your misai and all, where will look juvenile? Frivolity and face all must go hand-in-hand one. The face wins!

Daphne Ling said…
Hello Tee Heng Giap,

Thanks for coming over.

I guess I won't like it on the professional side. But I don't mind it when people think I'm younger than I am. I just don't want to look juvenile, that's all!

But young is good!
Daphne Ling said…
Hi Ae Mi,

Aiyo, you forget very easily. I wear a ponytail pretty often what!

Glad you liked the present. Was looking for something that I could give you for quite a while, and finally saw it! I liked it a lot! And am sure glad it arrived safe and sound and that it didn't take too long...

Keeping fingers crossed I will see you next year =)

Daphne Ling said…
Hi Anon 11:00,

Europeans? Haha...North Americans la...

Yeah, I guess size does play a role here...I am smaller in comparison to most of them...

But yeah, the rats are cute! The reason why the rats are called 'hooded' rats are because they look like they're wearing a brown hood over their white bodies! Heehee...
Daphne Ling said…
Hi Uncle Jimmy,

You take care too =)

Hi Wai Wai,

Haha. Funny la you...The wrinkles around the eyes, I have them too! From my allergies! ;)
Daphne Ling said…
Hi Kak ST,

Hehe...Guess the people from that part of the world just look young-ish? Haha...Must be all that chilli and spice we eat! Bring on the cili padi and belacan!