Of Cigarette Smoke, Bloodshot Eyes and a Clogged Nose...

Ok, so what have I been doing and learning ever since coming home?

I learnt I love Malaysian food, but I don't like the heat and humidity...I learnt that I love my Malaysian drinks (think Mamak, think Kopitiam etc), but despise the cigarette smoke even more than before I left...I learnt that I miss my Durian, but I'm scared of motorbikes darting in and out.

The cigarette smoke is particularly heinous. I've always been allergic to it, but with so much smoke in the air when I was here, my nose was so clogged, it was normal.

In Canada, smoking inside any form of building or eatery is illegal, and you actually have to be 12 metres/9 yards from any building to smoke. Alot of people end up cheating a little by smoking just outside the building (like a couple metres away) because it's way too cold to walk 12 metres away, but with the wind constantly blowing, it's not too bad.

I've missed the mamak stalls very badly, but have had to stay away because of the people puffing right in your face. My poor eyes have been bloodshot and rubbed raw, and the blood vessels inside the nose are swollen and congested.

Guess being away from it all has lowered my tolerance to it.


Anonymous said…
I HATE cigartes!!
Pak Zawi said…
Likewise here. Smokers are the most inconsiderate people.
It can be a potential problem in the society. Some people still prefer to smoke though.