"You a Ballerina?"...

"You a ballerina?"

Lol...I never thought I'd hear that, ever...

I attended an adult jazz class last night, with a bunch of, well, adults. We started out with warm ups, and very soon, were happily dancing. Early into the session, the instructor pointed to my feet and asked about my background and when I told her "no ballet", she said "well, very nice turnout".

I had to laugh--guess my 10 weeks of ballet worked! My ballet teacher would have been proud!

She then said, "for now, point your feet in front ok, no turnout"

I'm liking this--finally, a type of dance I actually like (I tried salsa/swing and was actually bored cos I don't like dances where someone has to lead).

And if I find a ballet teacher, even better.

Tonight, I thought I'd head to the gym and join the university's jazz session and see how it goes. Heh. this is fun.


Anonymous said…
I myslef like lind dancing although I never tried jazz. Maybe I should give it a try.
Mina Jade said…
Hey, great work on turn out eh! Woo hoo!
Daphne Ling said…
Hi Anon 09:23,

Jazz is nice. Everything comes loose. Joints I mean...Lol!
Daphne Ling said…
Hi Wei Lin,

Haha, we same geng wan, old ballet learners. ;)

That turnout takes a lot of work!