Excellent Customer Service...

Customer service can make a difference, and having nice customer service is just awesome.

Last year, my cousin's family and I went to Red Lobster to celebrate a birthday, and my cousin and I decided to share our meal. So we ordered everything and told the waiter we were sharing everything so he could give us a plate.

I was pleasantly surprised when the kitchen took the trouble to split the soup we ordered into two different bowls so we didn't have to do it ourselves. We then ordered a bowl of mussels, and the waiter apologetically returned to say there were no more mussels, but while we wait for our other dish, here was some Caesar salad on the house (and yes, he split it up into two for us too).

This year, we went to The Keg to celebrate a birthday, and again, my cousin and I shared a meal. Imagine my surprise two plates of food came for us. The food was not split. We got an extra twice-baked potato filled with bacon bits (yum) and a half baked tomato with cheese. I looked at my cousin and we wondered how it happened, since the meal we ordered only came with one potato.

At the entrance, my cousin had told them we were celebrating a birthday and wanted to order two pieces of cake. The cake came with sparklers on top, but that wasn't the surprise.

When the bill came, the cakes and the extra potato? Free of charge!!!

We got about $20 worth of food yesterday, and they didn't even ask to see proof that there was a birthday. How trusting.

Fair enough, our bill at The Keg was high, and they might not give free stuff if it was just two people sharing a meal, but, fact is, they did not have to give any free food!

How's that for customer service?

P.s., If you're eating at restaurants in Canada, I would suggest trying to share a meal because they are massive servings. The customary tip (unless you were dissatisfied with the service) is at least 10%.


whre4arthou said…
Hehe..sharing with fatty man they'll have to split it 3/4 and 1/4. Hope you had a good Christmas and New Year!

Bronx and Bunny starting to get along much better :)