Seizure=Squiggly Lines...

I was in the hospital the other day, and somebody had a seizure. Now, for those of you who haven't seen real life seizures, they often aren't as dramatic as what you see on television. True, there is the stereotypical rhythmic convulsions, but as opposed to what the media sometimes portrays, it isn't like someone getting possessed.

As I watched bits and pieces of the seizure, all I could think about was brain waves.

I'm taking a class in Sleep & Arousal (so cool!) this year, and we had just finished a class on basic brain waves.

All I could see as the seizure happened was squiggly lines, and trying to imagine what would the EEG look like if the person had been hooked up to an EEG-machine. I kinda wished my professor had been there to explain the different changes in brain waves as it happened. Of course, I could watch from a distance (I was talking to a relative of the person who was talking about the person's epilepsy) because it's a hospital and there are people who can take care of the person.

But it does make you wonder. How much work it takes our body-and in this case, the brain-to maintain control over what seems like 'nothing'. It's nothing to most of us because our bodies function just fine. But just watch what happens in a disease, and you will see how much we need our bodies to maintain control and balance (i.e., homeostasis).

It's also amazing that even in a state of crisis, the body has protective mechanisms. Because most seizures spontaneously remit. So somewhere inside, we must have some system that works to get the body back to normal even as it is out of whack.

Funny how a class can make you see things from a different perspective. I would have just seen the person a while ago. Now I'm seeing squiggly lines as well.


Pak Ya said…

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Anonymous said…
i saw someone have a seizure once and it was so horrible. i just watched as people got scared and tried to hold the person down. my uncle said it was due to being possesed and i beleived him at the time. how stupid.
whre4arthou said…
Hey Nai! We just got back from our holiday.. and missed your birthday :P

Happy Belated Birthday! Plenty hugs!
Daphne Ling said…
Hi En. Yahaya,

Nice to hear from you and to hear that Aiman is doing great! =)
Daphne Ling said…
Hey Anon 00:01,

Alot of people still belief it's possession by the devil. And a lot of people will still put stuff into people's mouths during a seizure. We all have a learning curve! Nothing stupid about that...
Daphne Ling said…
Hey Ae Mi!

*Hugs* back...And thanks!