Most Injured During Time at University...;)

I'm enjoying my 'noodle'!

I honestly think if there was an award for 'most injured during time at university', I would win hands-down. But I'm cool with it because hey, I'm unique that way.

I had a fall last weekend, and have a 'potentially' fractured rib. They say it's 'potentially fractured' because apparently X-Rays can't always see a fracture--the doctor also said something about too much swelling and inflammation over the ribs to tell. My pain was consistent with a fracture though, so they're treating it as such.

I am really enjoying the SwimEx pool on campus as such--nice, pulsating bubbles and currents at a nice warm temperature really feels nice for a sore chest. I can do some light exercise in there too, and it's just relaxing to sit on my 'noodle' and feel the currents.

I think I'll try doing the treadmill and the bike in the water next.

Maybe I should try writing my thesis in the water. Out of water, it's either writing in discomfort/pain or writing while doped/loopy. Lol!


WP said…
Wow...a potentially fractured rib? Take good care of yourself!
Unknown said…
Dear Daphne,

Sorry to hear about the fall. Please take care.
Unknown said…
Hi Daphne, we lost your email address after upgrade the computer, the only way to contact you is thru your blog.
the Razzler said…
Dear Daphne.. do take care & hope you are getting better! :)
winniethepooh said…
that seems like a nice place for a treatment n relaxation! take care now gal
Daphne Ling said…
Hey Wee Pin,
Yeah lor...Now all healed though so I'm good!

Hi Aunty Chi Ying,
I sent you an email but I don't know if you got it?

Hey Uncle Jimmy,
I will! I'm good now though...

Hi Winnie,
Yes!!! It's great for relaxing...Now missing it very much...:(