I never thought I'd say this, but it is impossibly hot in Toronto! 

We've been having temperatures feeling like 40 degrees (or more, maybe, I haven't listened to the news every day) with humidity. The 'actual' temperature is around 27 degrees.

I've been huddled up like a hermit crab, and indeed, it does feel like the homes have different weather zones with the basements cold and the upper floors like an oven!

It's become a chore to go for daily walks as the heat has been excruciating. We keep hearing on the radio of warnings about the heat and we're asked to check on our elderly friends, family and neighbours. People are advised to stay indoors, wear loose clothing, apply sunscreen and use a hat, or go to the shopping malls.

Interesting how extreme the temperature is in Canada. The winter is freezing cold that entire rivers can freeze and in the summer, it is so hot people can die. And for some reason, the people here are not very good at adapting to the heat. After all, we don't hear of warnings like this in Malaysia. And I know for a fact that humidity in Malaysia is much higher than here and the 'actual' temperatures are higher too.

How did we do it in Malaysia?

I know my heat tolerance has drastically dropped. So much so that I get a headache just going out and start getting drowsy just by getting into the car because I feel like there's too much trapped heat in my body.

How did we do it?!? When I think back to the days where I wore blazers (with lining!!!) to school as part of my Prefect's uniform, with a tie! I'm amazed I didn't collapse of heat stroke when I consider my tolerance now.


Anonymous said…
it's so hot i feel suffocated!
mott said…
actually, there are more clouds in Malaysia, I find. Hence, you don't get the direct heat as in you do in Canada. I feel the same, the intense headache whenever it gets hot over here.

But, I always remind myself...ppl in Dubai get 50deg. So..still not THAT hot. :)