Taking a Chance on Me...

It has been a few years since I came to Canada, and I have been amazed at how different I have become.

Given, I wasn't a bad student when I was back home, but I wasn't the best either. I will say I was slightly above average, but nothing spectacular. And I'm pretty sure you would have found a few teachers who would have said "she can try harder", or "she's not applying herself".

But things have...changed.

I now work my behind off for my grades, and it won't satisfy me till I know I got the best grade I could have gotten. I will review all exams and assignments during my professor's office hours even if the score was as perfect as could be. In fact, I've had a couple of exams where I scored higher than perfect because the professor felt I deserved some "bonus" points.

What changed?

I think it was because I found something I enjoyed. I actually enjoyed the subject material and I enjoyed the way things are structured.

I enjoyed that I could ask as many questions as I wanted, I enjoyed that I could experiment with my own hands, I enjoyed that I could discuss "taboo" subjects without fear of prosecution, and I enjoyed learning that it was okay to share your accomplishments without being labelled a "boaster".

Am I the brightest crayon in the box? No...

Am I the most talented? No...

But I am hardworking and I don't give up easily. And if there's one thing I learned in Canada, it's that it's ok to speak of your strengths and weaknesses.

In fact, my supervisor in university said one of things that helped me land a job was because I could acknowledge my weakness to my supervisor-to-be. 

I've also learned that it's ok to aim far, but you should be prepared to work for it.

Does anyone owe you a living? No.

But someone might just take a chance on you if you work hard, just like they took a chance on me.


faribah said…
i will take a chance on you. :-)
mott said…
You are right! I was actually mediocre in pri/sec school,but excelled in Uni, because I did what I really liked.

And just like you, finding something you liked doing, makes you just wanna go that extra mile.
Daphne Ling said…
Hi Faribah,

Thanks for coming by, and many thanks for taking that chance!
Daphne Ling said…
Hey Mott,

Cheers to everything you said!

Passion will really push you to great heights, eh?
Mina Jade said…
Thanks for this post. Maybe I should take a chance on myself first.