"You're the Scooby Doo Girl"...

I was in Peterborough recently for a visit--Peterborough is where I attended university. It was nice to just go back and visit, see friends and some professors. That place has always felt like home and it will remain my first home in Canada.

I had coffee with the puppet coordinator of KOB-CMHA (Kids on the Block-Canadian Mental Health Organization) and he then asked if I will go back to the office and say hello to the volunteer coordinator with him. I was more than happy to go as I had not seen her in a while, so follow him I did.

While we were there, a lady popped her head in and proceeded to do some photocopying (the photocopier is in the room we were in) and she ended up staying to chat.

After about 10 minutes, I realized I hadn't introduced myself, so I extended my hand and introduced myself.

The minute I said my name, she said "I know!" with this look of realization on her face as if it just dawned on her.

I was surprised because I've come into the office only a few times.

And then she said "you were really nice to my daughter in the hospital when she was ill. You're the Scooby-Doo girl! The minute you put your hand out, I knew who you were!".

Oh wow. I remember this kid. She had come in for strep-throat and was such a cheery kid that I stopped to chat with her and brought her popsicles and a drink for her throat. We then got to talking and somehow the conversation of puppets came up and I mentioned I actually worked with them. And then she found out my name and instantly said "Like Scooby-Doo!" and we had to help describe Daphne from the show to the mum as she confused Velma and Daphne up!

Who would have thought? Her mum said she just got a job at CMHA and remembered me when passing the puppets. And she told me her daughter was doing well, which is always a great feeling.

This is something I will sorely miss about Peterborough. The comfy, homey feeling of knowing the people around you.


hafiz said…
dari kecil memang suka cerita tu. tapi baju dorang tak tuka langsung. kelakar tapi hepi ibu tu ingat yu.
Anonymous said…
still u!
Nice to read your experiences here. I too love the place and everytime I come back from there, I feel I miss something very badly.
Do keep posting and stay in touch.
Angeline said…
I would love to visit Canada as well. Anyway, it's good to know that you were able to bring joy to the child's face. The Popsicle your brought for her strep-throat might have also helped.

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Adele Simpson said…
I never thought that Popsicle can relieve strep throat. Anyway, one of the best sore throat home remedies I know is the ginger tea with lemon and honey. It's very soothing to the throat.