You Never Know Where You Might Meet a Friend...

Yesterday, I followed the people I stay with to Costco (it's where you buy everything in bulk). As usual, I was looking for food.

Found some Ferrero Rocher for a good deal, so got some. And while I was wondering around aimlessly, I saw some coats on sale. Now, I needed a rain coat, and have had good experience with a winter jacket I found at Costco so I went to look. 

Incidentally, this lady who was totting her little baby in a carrier around her back was also looking at coats. We both liked the same coat and I tried mine and was on my merry way.

Then I realised this lady could not try on her coat because her infant was strapped to her.  I asked if she wanted someone to hold the little tyke and she was so surprised, her eyes nearly popped out.

But she accepted (oh, she did ME the favour--I've been dying to hold babies). So I had this super cute baby who's all of 5-months to play with for a while while mummy tried on the jacket. He just looked at me with this oogy-woogy eyes and kept smiling. Such lovely temperament!

Mummy and I got to talking and it turns out she came from Tanzania last year.

And before we parted ways, she gave me her phone number and told me to give her a call and I am welcome to come visit her.

Yes! Now I feel more like me...I made another friend...:)


WP said…
That's really sweet of you...I think I wouldn't have dared to ask, even if I had thought of it...I'm unfortunately shy that way :/
Anonymous said…
I agree with WP that I wouldn't have dared! BUt that is sweet!
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