Why Do People Think it is Okay to Cut Queue?...

I think something is wrong with the education system when university students think it is perfectly fine to "place" a friend at the head of the line for the bus and later have the whole group saunter in and join that ONE friend who was place-holding for a group.

Why should a group of 5-6 people get ahead of the line simply because they had a friend arrive early? When buses are full, 5-6 people is sometimes enough to make you wait for the next, next bus!

And this seems to be very normal thing when university students are around. Another group of people who love to cut queue are the elderly. 

Now, I almost always let old people behind me get on the bus first. But it irks me that they think that their age gives them the right to walk to the front of the line. I am all for wheelchairs and strollers going first, but people who walk to the front of the line because they're old is another issue altogether...
We seem to be getting better at teaching our children how to count, read, and write...but we're not getting any better at teaching them respect, consideration, and manners.

And we also seem to teach people that when it comes to what is right, there is a double standard.


Anonymous said…
I totally agree with you! It irks me when people do that!!