Back to English 101...

5 years after going out into the working world, I went back to a 101 level university class this summer. Specifically, I went back to take an English class that teaches undergraduates the expectations of university-level (science) writing.

The few people who knew thought I was quite silly, of course, but I wanted to take this class to help reacquaint myself to solid academic writing and also some good tips on just how to write from an English professor.

This class is giving me the opportunity to think about what I write, why I write something, how to get to my point using a structure, and to think about issues like audience and message when writing an academic paper.

Definitely refreshing. And, hopefully, helpful for when I get to grad school.

Interestingly, today, I saw this post: Why Most Academics Will Always be Bad Writers

I guess I am not alone. We could all use some help.


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