Neurons that fire together, wire together

I have been following George Lakoff's work from the sidelines, and as a trainee neuroscientist, it fascinates me.

In essence, Hebb's law applies: Neurons that fire together, wire together.

The work is fascinating because I often wonder how so many people can continually ignore evidence when it is presented to them. I often wonder how is it that two people can read the exact piece of factual work and have such vastly different conclusions. This isn't a social situation where opinions are highly subjective.

Reading Lakoff's work gives me a little bit more perspective. It's hard to change your views because we're so entrenched. We move with people who are so much like us; we communicate (very often) with people who are like us; we essentially live in a bubble of similar, like-minded people. Our neuronal circuitry just keeps strengthening and the networks keep getting stronger. And when we see something that is different from that, it gets filtered out.

Does education change that? I really don't know, especially since we now have trigger warnings for so many things. 

I guess it is something to think about...