Of baking and chocolate cakes...

Flourless chocolate cake

I was never a baker. I grew up in a home without an oven--Malaysian homes at that time don't naturally come with ovens. We use standard gas stoves that aren't atop ovens. So unless you grew up with a parent (or parents) who loved to bake, chances are you won't have an oven. Things might be different now in new Malaysian homes, but I have no insight into that having lived abroad for 9 years.

Despite my limited insight into baking, I absolutely love to eat: chocolate cake, cookies, cupcakes, brownies, muffins. As long as there was chocolate and/or peanut butter in them, I'm game.

This flourless chocolate cake is perhaps the ONLY cake I can bake. I got it right the first time and have gone back to it repeatedly, changing it ever so slightly every now and then. I've tried adding bananas, I've tried adding more cocoa (to make them like brownies!), I've added mayonnaise, I've tried using different types of chocolate (e.g., half milk, half semi-sweet), and they work pretty well every time!

This is one of those times I wished my Malaysian home had an oven so I can make this when I go home. Cause nobody should go without this cake.