Power Rangers!

Realisations re-watching an episode of Power Rangers as an adult:

a) Those Angel Grove city builders seriously need to come to Vancouver as they take a week to rebuild after massive destruction. UBC wouldn't be constantly under construction and neither would the roads.
b) How much taxes must cost at Angel Grove to have to constantly rebuild.
c) Those minions of Rita Repulsa (RR) and Lord Zedd (LZ) should really have been fired a long time ago as they are really bad at their jobs.
d) Those bad monsters are equally incompetent because if they figured out that all they had to do was stomp on the zords before they became megazords, those Rangers would go bye-bye.
e) How is it RR and LZ never figured out that if they wanted to really destroy the universe, they should try attacking a place far away from Angel Grove, cause, dummy, that's where the rangers are. Two words: management problems.
f) There must be some serious nepotism going on that all rangers came from one school.
g) How is it RR and LZ never figured out they were in love with each other.
h) Well, at least Zordon and Alpha5 saw the importance of diversity in hiring (White, Black, Asian; male, female).

Adulthood: Ruins all childhood fun. Next stop: Barney, the Purple Dinosaur.