Chicken Soup for the Flu-Season Soul...

Keeping healthy during the flu season is very challenging, especially if you work with young children (they're like very adorable petri dishes!), the elderly, and/or in crowded environments like schools and universities. As a graduate student who almost lives in the lab, has never-ending work, and is perpetually stressed, this is not a good time of year, health-wise.

I get the flu shot every year. I get it to protect myself and also to protect those who cannot / have trouble protect themselves (e.g., very young infants; immunocompromised patients). But flu shots are not foolproof. After all, it is impossible to predict with 100% certainty what flu viruses might be "coming." Read more here.

I am getting quite good at taking care of myself during the flu season. 

One of my lifesavers is the proverbial benefits of chicken soup. I honestly do not know who first thought of this, but everyone (doctors, nurses, family, friends) say "chicken soup" the minute you say you have the flu. 

Daphne's chicken soup

Once my appetite does come back, it is my go-to.

I am even getting good at making it!