O' Canada...

I came to Canada about 9 years ago. 

My education, *not* counting admittedly very high cost of living, has been funded by scholarships, both federal and within the university, all the way. First as an international student, and now, as a permanent resident. An education I would never have received otherwise.

In terms of healthcare, I would imagine the families of babies in the Neonatal ICU, especially the multiples, have thanked their lucky stars their babies receive phenomenal hospital care for free, too. 

I am happy to pay taxes (and wait, when necessary) if it means these babies, my family, friends, and the millions of people I don't know don't have to worry about seeing a doctor, specialist, have imaging and surgery done, and hospitalisation in world-class facilities (yes, some need upgrading). 

Not to forget me. 

While wait-lists are a major complaint, I can tell you from experience that if it is urgent or sufficiently important, they find you a specialist or spot right away. I remember the doctor telling me, "There is a very long wait-list for the bone scan (for my ankle). Be prepared to wait." That very long wait-list was 1.5 business days, for the doctor asked them to schedule me as soon as possible.

In fact, breaking my ankle a single time alone (emergency care, sports physicians, ct scans, bone scans, x-rays, etc.) would have put me into debt. And I *cough, cough* broke it more than one. 

But, really, Canada, you got me at maple syrup.