Emotionless academics...

There seems to be this perception that academics are tough, strong, resilient people who have no emotions.

I wonder how much of that stereotype makes it hard for us to show emotion in our labs.

Rejections seem to be part and parcel of academia. People even tell you if you can't take rejections, you should find another field.


For me, rejections from journals just makes me try harder. It helps me become a better scientist because it often comes with constructive criticism. Ideas and perspectives I never even thought of. There are exceptions: when the criticism is just an attack on the person doing the work (and there are some who use peer-reviews as a way to spew vitriol). 

But if the critiques are valid, I grieve for it for a bit, and then I get into my battle mode and take it head on. But does that mean I don't have emotions? 

Big, fat, no.

No emotions is when I completely stop caring. That's when it's emotionless.