Science is about imagining the possibilities in our world...

This is the season where students applying to graduate school, medical school, and professional school are panicking over standardised tests and applications for admission and funding for the upcoming cycle.
I am so thankful that not all universities now require the GREs because I would completely bomb it. While I can understand the need for an standardised measure that is common to the whole application pool, the validity of that standardised measure is questionable. There's plenty of evidence out there they don't predict graduate school and/or scientific success.
The Boss herself told me early on to N.E.V.E.R. write the GREs because I would fail.
"GREs are not for creative people who think laterally. To do well in the GREs, you have to pick ONE answer. Not imagine the possibilities of every choice."
Ironically, that was perhaps the biggest compliment she ever gave me as a scientist.
Because science is about imagining the possibilities in our world. It is about imagining the possibilities others have not thought of, and to find ways to systematically test our assumptions and ideas. It allows us the opportunity to see, explore, and understand our world, bodies, minds, thoughts, societies, cultures, languages, civilisations, natural wonders and phenomena, and a limitless array of the multiverse. It is about seeing the wisdom in the past, appreciating the present, and imagining the future.
What is science not about? Science is not about test scores.