(Mostly Neuro)Science ABC for Children

Daphne's (Mostly Neuro)Science ABC for Children:

Can you say A? Let's try the letter A
A is for axon, AMPA, amygdala
Can you say B? Today's the day for B 
B is for barbiturate, benzodiazepine
C, D, E
They're not so hard you see
C is for caudate and CAT
D is for Dopamine and DAT
E is for EPSP, endorphins
Can you say F? I think it’s time for F
F is for frontal cortex, fovea, and floor plate
Can you say G? Let’s try once, twice, or three
G is for GPCR, GABA, and Glutamate
H, I, J
They’re not too hard to say
H is for hydroencephali
I is for IPSP
J is for jugular, jumping genes
Can you say K? Today’s the day for K
K is for ketamine, kainate, kinetic energy
Can you say L? Why don’t we try L
L is limbic, and lobes, ligands, and LTP
M, N, O
Are these three hard to know?
M is for measles and mumps
N is for neuronal pumps
O is for occipital, oxytocin
Can you say P? I guess it’s time for P
P is for prefrontal, pons, parietal and pineal
Can you say Q? It’s not that hard to do
Q is for quanta, quantum, quark, and QPCR
R, S, T
Let’s learn another three
R is for REM and rhodopsin
S is for serotonin
T is for temporal and trypsin
Can you say U? Let’s try the letter U
U is for Ubiquitin, urea, and uracil
Can you say V? Why don’t you try with me?
V is for ventral, voltage, vesicle, and visceral
W, X, Y
Let’s give the next three a try
W is matter that’s white
X is for Xenopus oocyte
Y is for yolk sac and yohimbine
Now let’s try Z
There’s nothing left but Z
Z is for zebrafish, zeta
Z is for zona pellucida
Z is for zoo blot, zygote and zinc.
~Adapted from Unknown Someone Else's ABC for Children~

My mum and I used to sing along to Unknown's ABC song when I was a kid. 💜
I wish I could find that tape now.