Power and Privilege...

The response to "" is not "." The response to "" & "" is not "." These rhetorics miss the pt. If u are fr a privileged grp, pls don't hijack conversations by ppl who live the experiences they are sharing.

What ppl hear from these hijacks are: a) I don't believe u. b) Your voice isn't as important as mine. c) Your experiences don't matter. d) You are over-reacting. e) You are the problem. f) But I'M the victim, not u. Use your privilege to amplify these experiences & voices.

& are intertwined in . I make it a point to attend inter-disciplinary talks bec I think it is essential for my to not ensconce myself purely in . The , our , , & don't work in isolation.

It astounds me that at many talks, there'll be a question or comment about the veracity of experiences (with data right in front of them!!) of marginalised grps. The reactions are worse when the data are about grps that are marginalised in several ways.

Pls don't be that person. Don't . Educate yourself. Give ppl a to share. Be an . Listen. Pls don't turn these conversations into how you aren't "like all the others." Because the minute you use that rhetoric, you are EXACTLY that.