Every lab should have a lab.

I've known Sheba since she was 10 weeks old. We quite literally "grew up" in the lab together. I was the first person in the lab to meet and hold her that 23 of January, 2012. And also the first (and only!) person she peed on when she was just 10 weeks.
I taught her how to shake paws and to high five. We play tug-of-war, which is really her dragging me around the lab one way and me dragging her in return when we reach a corner. I get whip cream in a cup when I go to Starbucks so she can have a treat.
She knows how to "find Daphne!" and she knows to go to the door of the office and wait when The Boss (who can see me coming through her window) says "Daphne's coming!"
Hands down, Sheba's one of the big reasons why I haven't flunked out of grad school.
Because with Sheba, I'll always be "accept as is, no revisions needed."
Love you, big nose 💜.