Journal of the Avengers

I put together a one-page APA guide of what references should look like for the students in my research methods class, and had a bit of fun!

Journal article, 3-7 authors
Potts, P., Fury, N., & Hill, M. (2019). Managing Tony Stark is a massive pain. Journal of the Avengers, 220(1), 287-337. doi: 10.1177/0894318409332569

> 7 authors
Potts, P., Panther, B., Maximoff, W., Fury, N., Barton, C., Raccoon, R., . . . Hill, M. (2019). Managing Tony Stark is a pain: Seriously, we’re not joking. Journal of the Avengers, 220(2), 210-265. doi: 10.1177/0894318409332569

Widow, B. (2019). Taking over the world. Vancouver, BC: Avengers Press.

Chapter in Book
Woman, W., & Man, I. (2010). Together we defeat Thanos. In C. America (Ed.), Saving the world (pp. 123-456). Vancouver, BC: Avengers Press.

I especially had fun making an indirect commentary on gender bias in publications. My first, last, and single authors are all women.