Beware the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing...

In case you missed the beautiful drama unfolding on Science Twitter:

For years, this neuroscientist called BethAnn McLaughlin has been championing against harassholes and the need to support victims and survivors of sexual harassment and assault in STEM. Eventually, she started an organisation called #MeTooSTEM that raised thousands to supposedly support said victims and survivors. The organisation had a board of some kind made up of individuals of various identities.

And then people started quitting the board. The thing that stood out was all the people of colour left. Accusations of harassment and bullying by BethAnn started surfacing. People challenged her integrity, motives, and attacks. She hit back with snark and derogation.

Some people, alot of whom are prominent scientists, stood by her. One in particular was Sciencing_Bi, a Queer, Hopi Anthropology professor from Arizona State University. SB never revealed their true name.

SB contracted COVID19 a few months back. They tweeted ferociously about how this was because they were forced to teach-in-person at ASU despite the pandemic.

And then on Friday, BethAnn tweeted that SB had died from COVID19, followed by increasingly dramatic eulogies and anecdotes by BethAnn.

Condolences flooded Twitter.

BethAnn held a Zoom memorial for SB, and told the attendees (only prominent people who supported BethAnn) that SB had left them ?money? in their will.

People began to question SB's identity because nobody but BethAnn seems to have ever met with SB. ASU, the institution SB was supposedly a faculty in, couldn't identify any professor who had died.

And it's now been confirmed that BethAnn fabricated the whole thing. SHE was SB.

This privileged white woman decided it was ok to assume and fake the identity of an Indigenous Queer person. And she gave that fake person COVID19. And then killed them off.

There's so much to be said about assuming the identity of marginalised communities and then killing that person off. Systemic racism and inequalities have seen COVID19 killing more Native Americans and Black people than others, so it's particularly heinous to play on that.

And this impersonation speaks so much about how much BethAnn knew about the realities of being marginalised in academia: Like, seriously, how stupid are you to say you're Indigenous (specifically Hopi) and Queer and then name the department and university and still assume you won't be found out?

You can probably count on the fingers of one hand the number of faculty in ANTHROPOLOGY who fit that description in the States.

And now BethAnn is claiming mental illness.

It's so vile to use another marginalised community as a shield to legitimise being an asshole.

And news flash: You CAN have mental illness (and/or be part of another marginalised community) and ALSO be an asshole.

When are people going to learn those two aren't mutually exclusive?

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Update: If you want to see the increasingly incoherent and bizarre eulogy by BethAnn of her imaginary friend:…

p.s., I'm so glad BethAnn has been outed. I muted her and SB a few months after joining Twitter because something about them seemed off. It's such a relief that my spidey sense was right after all. I really need to trust my instincts.