The Academic Journey

Academia has taken me to places I never thought I'd go, and met people who have enriched my lives in more ways than one. And some of these little journeys reunited me with friends I hadn't seen in a long time.

I look forward very much to more of these wonderful experiences!

Daphne in the schools!

UBC Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Conference 2016

Our poster!

2015 UBC President's Staff Award's ceremony

For the category of Emerging Leadership...

Cognitive Development Society Meeting 2013: Memphis, Tennessee

Our poster!

Brain Development and Learning Conference 2013: Vancouver, BC

With Dr. Evan Adams, Deputy Provincial Health Officer for Aboriginal Health,  BC province, and Dr. Melissa Kelly

With Dr. Mike Elkin and Judith Black

 NorthWest Cognition and Memory Meeting 2013: Surrey, BC

My first paper!

Society for Research in Child Development Conference 2013: Seattle, WA

Our poster!

Canadian Psychological Association Conference 2011: Toronto, ON

My first conference: Honours thesis poster!

Trent Research!

Me and members of the Language and Cognition Lab, all of whom were part of the Honours Thesis Program (different thesis supervisors), from left: Kathie Bailey, Austin Sye, me, Janine Lisowski, and Kyla McDonald.
Language and Cognition Lab professor, Dr. Nancie Im-Bolter with, from left, Muniq Anam, Keely Owens and me...

Experimental study in the Psychology Sleep Laboratory...