Funding, Awards, and Honours

Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute: Innovation and Translation Award
“Effects of Low-dose versus Normal-dose Psychostimulants on Executive Functions in Children with Attention-Deficit Hyperactive Disorder”
PI: Adele Diamond
Co-Investigators: Margaret Weiss, Candice Murray, Daphne S. Ling
Project period: 06/01/2016 – 06/30/2018                                          Total awarded: $49,993 CAD

Bezos Family Foundation: Early Learning Research Fund
"Test of the Efficacy of Modified Kangaroo Care by a non-relative for Outcomes of Infants in Neonatal Intensive Care"
PI: Adele Diamond
Co-Principal Investigator: Daphne S. Ling
Project period: 03/01/2015 - 02/28/2017 (+2 year extension)          Total awarded: $100,000 US

 AWARDS AND HONOURS (if multi-year award, amount in parenthesis indicates total amount for the entire period)
2018-2019         R. Howard Webster Foundation Fellowship ($2,500)
                          *Awarded for admission to residency at UBC’s Green College
2018-2021         ±Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) Doctoral Award - Frederick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarships ($90,000 CAD + $15,000 CAD research allowance).
                          Rank: #9 of 592 for Committee B
                                   *Awarded for research excellence, academic excellence, and personal characteristics and skills
2018-2022         ±University of British Columbia Four Year Doctoral Fellowship (4YF) ($72,800 CAD)
                                   *Awarded for academic excellence, upon recommendation of the graduate program
2018-2019         ±Cordula and Gunter Paetzold Fellowship ($18,000 CAD); Accept in title only
                                   *Awarded to students pursuing graduate study in medicine, neuroscience, genetics, health care and epidemiology, pharmaceutical sciences, music, theatre and film, forestry and architecture; preference given to graduate students with disabilities, First Nations graduate students, and women
2017-2018         ±Cordula and Gunter Paetzold Fellowship ($18,000 CAD)
±I can only hold one active award at a given time
2016-2017         University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine Graduate Award
                          (Sept 2016: $6,000 CAD; Jan 2017: $2,000 CAD)
                          *Awarded for academic excellence
2016-2017         Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) Masters Award - Frederick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarships to Honour Nelson Mandela ($17,500 CAD)  
                          *1 of 9 awarded this special mention in 2016 to candidates doing work in fields championed by Mandela (children's health and children's participation in society) who are also among the highest ranked in that competition year (total recipients = 1693) in Canada   
2015                  University of British Columbia President’s Staff Awards for Emerging Leadership ($2,000 CAD)
                                   *2 awards given yearly to UBC's ~9,500 staff
2011                  Canadian Psychological Association’s (CPA) Certificate of Academic Excellence (on the recommendation of Trent University)
                                   *Awarded to the top 3 graduating students in each Psychology Department in Canada
2011                  Trent University, President’s Honour List: Graduating Class
                                   *Graduated with a cumulative average of 80% or higher
2008-2011         Trent University: Dean’s Honour List
                                   *Awarded for achieving a term average of 80% or higher
2008-2011         Trent University International Global Citizen Tuition Scholarship ($ 74,000 CAD) *Awarded on the basis of outstanding academics, leadership, community and international service
2011                  Trent University: Richard Janes Memorial Bursary ($ 750 CAD)
                                   *Awarded to one international student with a disability demonstrating exceptional academics, leadership, and community service
2010                  Trent University: Otonabee College Council Tenth Year Bursary ($ 500 CAD)
*Awarded to an Otonabee College (Trent University) student on the basis of academic performance, athletic ability, and participation within the community.
2010                  Trent University: Otonabee College Citation in Leadership
2010                  Trent University: Otonabee College Top 100 Scholars Award